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Q&A | P.Nosa on sewing, scenarios & the mighty Silverbus

Paul Nosa is a travelling sewing artist and musician. Armed with his self-made, solar-powered sewing machine he drives around the United States in a green van, asking people to conjure five-word scenarios, which he then sews. In theory Paul is based in Tucson, Arizona – in reality he moves around too much to call one place home. However, as he explains to Sarah, things like his mighty silver school bus keep him coming back to the desert.

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Q&A | Megan Kimble Ate No Processed Food For a Year, Here’s Why

Tucson, Arizona-based author Megan Kimble spent a year eating only whole, unprocessed foods and wrote a book about it. Unprocessed: My City-Dwelling Year of Reclaiming Real Food is the Edible Baja Arizona Managing Editor’s first book and memoir, and explores what eating unprocessed really means, why it matters and how to afford it.  Continue →