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Q&A | Stephen Gibbs: Music therapy taught me how to speak

Stephen Gibbs had a stroke two years ago, and developed aphasia as a result. The neurological condition affects a person’s ability to communicate, and left the Wellingtonian essentially mute. A musician and music teacher – amongst other things – by trade, Stephen turned to music therapy and writing as part of his recovery. Doing so has made a big impact on his capacity to communicate and create, and he is now also the Wellington Community Aphasia Advisor for Aphasia NZ.

Sarah spoke to Stephen about the role music has played in his recovery ahead of Music Therapy NZ’s Finding Your Voice Symposium on August 12-13.

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Q&A | Nicki Roest: I almost died from Wilson’s disease

Nicki Roest was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, a rare and life-threatening liver condition, in 2016 and went on to have the year from hell. Having first experienced symptoms in 2014 while living in New Zealand, where she’s from, doctors concluded Nicki had “a viral thing” or fatty liver. Things seemed to level out, and she and her husband Tim continued with their plans to move to the UK. Two years later, by which point they were living in London, Nicki’s symptoms started presenting again.

After a number of appointments with doctors who seemed largely unconcerned – despite some test results she now knows should have raised red flags – Nicki finally went to A&E. She was immediately admitted to hospital, and things escalated quickly from there. She shares her story with Sarah. Continue →