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Q&A | The Qatar blockade explained, by Stian Overdahl

On June 5, Saudi Arabia and the UAE led several of their Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) allies in implementing a trade and travel blockade against Qatar. They claimed the small country, also a member of the bloc, was funding terror groups in the region and encouraging political instability through that and other means. Stian Overdahl, who writes frequently on issues related to the MENA region, outlines the background to the ongoing crisis, and whether he thinks the current stalemate can be broken to Sarah.

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Q&A | David Hall on Fair Borders, & migration policy

David Hall is a Senior Researcher at the Auckland University of Technology’s Policy Observatory. Though he primarily focusses on policy quandaries related to forest and land use, he also has a strong interest in migration, and commissioned and edited the recently published collection of essays Fair Borders: Migration Policy in the Twenty-First Century. Here David explains his motivations for producing the book to Sarah, along with some of the many complexities surrounding the issues of migration and immigration.

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