Contributor Notes

If you’d like to contribute a story, or work with us in other ways, please email Refer to the notes below when writing your pitch and/or your approved submission.

We’re more interested in your story than slick wordplay. It makes our lives a lot easier if you take the time to spellcheck and self-edit, but if you need help getting your words out that’s part of our job. Interviews (in-person, phone or email) sometimes work well in place of essays, so if you’ve got something to say but need help saying it don’t be afraid to ask. Anonymity is an option.

International, but tie your ideas to local examples where appropriate. We have a wide range of readers, so avoid over-intellectualising, and using “speak”. We can help edit if you’re used to writing in a more formal, technical style.

800-1100 words, but this is flexible. Where a longer wordcount is appropriate we may publish the piece as a series. Regardless, please try to articulate your key idea/s early on so as to engage readers and keep them reading. We are very open to publishing stories in non-text formats (video, audio etc.)

We’re after constructive, informed perspectives that provoke thought and action, but don’t leave people feeling heavy and powerless. Avoid soapboxing, and patronising language… without diluting your argument. Easy!

Please send a high res image of yourself for posting with your piece (check the site to get a feel for style). If you have other images that are relevant to the story please send those too. No filters.

If you have ideas for stories that you aren’t able to write yourself but think should be told, please let us know! For example, if you are part of, or know about a community or project we should link up with and/or feature, we’re all ears. Email suggestions and introductions to

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For more on how and why we started, read Sarah’s first post.