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Q&A | A white mama of an African-Amercian child responds to Charlottesville

By Evelyn.
I watched the Vice coverage of the recent alt-right protests in Charlottesville and felt a toxic mixture of disbelief, fear and disgust. The conviction of the protesters was so harrowing that acid rose in my stomach. As I continued to watch and witness their conviction progress into amusement, excitement, and then victory, I was ashamed. Why do humans continue to repeat hateful mistakes that destroy lives and communities?

My next thoughts were of my friend Helen Faller, a US citizen who lives in Berlin. Helen is a leftist ex-punk anthropologist who shares her life with her Afr​ican-American daughter, and I felt afraid for both of them. I can’t imagine how it must feel to watch your country imploding, or to feel like your bi-racial family is under attack.

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