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Q&A | Gani-Castro Ameh on living with a sickle cell blood disorder

Sickle cell anaemia is a life-threatening blood disorder that doesn’t get a lot of attention. An inherited condition, it primarily affects black people, particularly those from African countries. 27 year-old Nigerian Gani-Castro Ameh explains to Sarah what it’s like to live with the debilitating disorder, which regularly causes his body to be hit with extreme pain and go into ‘crisis’ – and how much he wishes there was more awareness and support. Continue →

Golriz Ghahraman on identity & democracy: I can’t shed my skin

It is February 2017, a strangely over-hyped and over-burdened new year, laden with the expectation it will bring an antidote to the last. Billed as an anomaly of cosmic and human failure, 2016 saw the eruption of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump – or, the failure of ‘the world’s greatest democracy’ to elect its first female president – and countless deaths of beloved geniuses of the arts. But to me 2016 was neither an anomaly nor particularly out of line with long-set trends. It saw a strengthening of status quo representation and further move toward hollow populism on all sides. Punchy, if empty, messaging in under 140 characters wins elections because we killed journalism remember? Continue →