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Why I protest: Raymond Johansen

We’re exploring the deep reasons that drive people to protest in support of important social and political issues, and highlighting those that do. Here, Raymond Johansen talks to Sarah about his personal motivations for working as an activist, and why he believes civil disobedience is a duty for every able-bodied citizen.


Ray sits on the Board of Directors of Pirate Parties International, and is International Coordinator of the Pirate Party of Norway.

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Evelyn Marsters: My post-hui blues

On Sunday I reached a milestone in my career. I was on the closing panel at the European Society for Oceanists conference in Munich, and I spoke alongside the much-admired Māori academic Associate Professor Mānuka Hēnare and emerging Micronesian scholar Myjolynne Marie Kim. Before speaking I was proud, worried, excited, and shaken. I had a sense of academic “arriving” and I was shit-scared.

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