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Q&A | BIOSEC, exploring blurred lines between crime & conservation

BIOSEC (Biodiversity and Security: Understanding environmental crime, illegal wildlife trade and threat finance) is a four-year project investigating the deepening interlinkages between conservation and international security. Growing consumer demand for wildlife products like ivory and fur has seen an increase in illegal poaching and trade, and there are claims this activity is sometimes conducted by militant groups.

Sarah got some more background from the project’s Principal Investigator Rosaleen Duffy, who is also Professor of International Politics at the University of Sheffield. Continue reading Q&A | BIOSEC, exploring blurred lines between crime & conservation

Max Harris on the unavoidable centrality of environmental politics

This is an extract from The New Zealand Project, a new title by All Souls Fellow Max Harris. The book addresses a wide range of political and socioeconomic issues, and essentially calls for a paradigm shift – towards truly progressive political thinking and practice, and an economic framework robust enough to deliver security to people at a time of great and multifaceted change.

Max is delivering the Michael King Memorial Lecture THIS Friday May 19 at the Auckland Writers Festival.

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