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Q&A | Suzie Dawson, the New Zealand journalist seeking asylum in Moscow

Sometimes survival can look like keeping your head down. Others it requires jeopardising your own security in support of a bigger cause. Suzie Dawson didn’t set out to be an activist, but her involvement with the Occupy movement at the start of the decade led her to nut out and articulate her political perspective, and to the realisation that if walking your own talk makes you an activist, she fit the descriptor. The path also led her to begin an impressive career as a citizen journalist, highlighting abuses of power on the part of the NZ government that led to their targetting of her through surveillance, intimidation and direct threats on her life.

Suzie left New Zealand in January 2015 to live in exile in Berlin, and currently resides in Moscow, where she is seeking asylum with her young family. She explains to Sarah how this unimaginable scenario became all too real.

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