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Evelyn Marsters: Finding home in Berlin, four years on

It’s 9am and my daughter has a high fever. It’s been three days since she’s been her normal sassy self and I’m worried. Without a second thought I pick up the phone and try to find her a doctor’s appointment. I make two phone calls before I realise that I have been conducting these conversations entirely in German. Despite these attempts I’m unsuccessful in booking my daughter an appointment, so I open up my email and fire off a note to the pediatrician. Without using Google Translate.

This is what living in Berlin feels like four years on.

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Sarah Illingworth: Why I’m not a Christian anymore

I grew up Pentecostal Christian. My family didn’t actually go to church that often when I was a kid, but I went to a Christian school, and as a teenager I started going to a youth group with friends, and it became a really big part of my life. There were a number of positives to this, like being involved with a largely loving community of people of a variety of ages and backgrounds, but there was a lot I found problematic about the church.

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