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Un-Pinkwashing Netanyahu’s response to Orlando

Three days after the June 12, 2016 shooting of 49 people at Pulse, a gay club in Orlando, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded with a video recording of a speech on YouTube, which received over 22 million views on Facebook alone. Whilst the motivations of the shooter remain unknown, Netanyahu’s celebrated speech presents them as explicitly terrorist in nature. What we see is a classic case of pinkwashing, a tactic that hijacks LGBTQ struggles for other agendas, while distracting from other injustices and violence.  Continue →

Levi Joule: The Orlando attack is an attack on my community

I’ll never forget the night New Zealand legalised same-sex marriage. April 17 2013. I was Queer Rights Officer at the Auckland University Students Association. We put on a bit of a viewing party, expecting 20 or so people to show up – we got over 500. All of those students cramped into a dark student bar on a damp Wednesday night to share witness to one of the most joyous moments in queer history. It’s moments like those that made us think the most difficult days of prejudice and persecution were behind us.  Continue →