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Q&A | The economic impact of a changed political climate in Brazil

Brazil has emerged as a significant economic power in the last two decades, combining accelerated growth with falling poverty and inequality. While this progress has been somewhat interrupted by recent corruption scandals, the pro-poor character of economic growth in Brazil over this period is still impressive when compared with the performance of other emerging economies. Continue →

Rethinking the Cook Islands’ free association agreement with NZ: Part 2

This is part two of a two-part paper, written by Evelyn in her capacity as a consultant on international development issues. The paper began as a panel discussion on sovereignty movements in the Pacific Islands at the Jahrestagung des Pazifik-Netzwerks, and introduces the free association agreement that has existed between the Cook Islands and New Zealand since 1964. It provides background to the historical and contemporary political relationships between the two nations, and raises many important questions about “where to from here for the Cook Islands?” A full academic version can be found here. Continue →