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Q&A | Stephen Gibbs: Music therapy taught me how to speak

Stephen Gibbs had a stroke two years ago, and developed aphasia as a result. The neurological condition affects a person’s ability to communicate, and left the Wellingtonian essentially mute. A musician and music teacher – amongst other things – by trade, Stephen turned to music therapy and writing as part of his recovery. Doing so has made a big impact on his capacity to communicate and create, and he is now also the Wellington Community Aphasia Advisor for Aphasia NZ.

Sarah spoke to Stephen about the role music has played in his recovery ahead of Music Therapy NZ’s Finding Your Voice Symposium on August 12-13.

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Q&A | Leah Garcia-Purves: Cheffing shouldn’t be a straight white male’s domain

Leah Garcia-Purves is a technical writer and chef from Auckland, New Zealand. Filipino-Kiwi, her years spent working in the hospitality industry have led her to experience and witness racism and sexism in kitchens on a regular basis, and she wants to see an end to the notion that cheffing and commercial kitchens are a straight white male’s domain. She talks to Sarah about her experience, and why it’s time for the industry to change.

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