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Q&A | Dmitry Bogatov: Jailed for a Kanye West video

Dmitry Bogatov was arrested on April 6, accused of inciting terrorist activity by posting “extremist” materials online. There is significant doubt surrounding the legitimacy of the charges that led to Bogatov’s arrest, which primarily relate to his supposed sharing of the video for Kanye West and Jay-Z’s ‘No Church in the Wild’. Yet, if convicted he may face a 20-year sentence. Dmitry’s supporters are calling for support from the international community, to join them in protesting his unjust detention on June 19 and 20.

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Q&A | Travel New Zealand the right way, with Campable

Translate Digital Co-Founder Brody Nelson is debugging New Zealand’s parking issues one vehicle at a time. Having started out with Parkable, an app that pairs homeowners and drivers to meet short-term parking needs, his digital production company has just launched Campable, an Airbnb-style app for motorhome travellers. The premise is simple: people with spare land sublet it to those on the move, and those on the move feel like they’re travelling not living out an episode of Benidorm. Win-win-win.

Launched in early-April, the service signed up 1,000+ users in its first week, and Brody and team have big plans for expansion. Sarah found out more. Continue →