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Q&A | Gani-Castro Ameh on living with a sickle cell blood disorder

Sickle cell anaemia is a life-threatening blood disorder that doesn’t get a lot of attention. An inherited condition, it primarily affects black people, particularly those from African countries.

27 year-old Nigerian Gani-Castro Ameh explains to Sarah what it’s like to live with the debilitating disorder, which regularly causes his body to be hit with extreme pain and go into ‘crisis’ – and how much he wishes there was more awareness and support.

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Q&A | Dr Martina Fuchs on delivering holistic humanitarian relief with RMF

In 2005 Dr Martina Fuchs, founder and CEO at Real Medicine Foundation (RMF), took her pediatric skills to Sri Lanka to assist in the relief efforts of the catastrophic 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami. What began as a one-person humanitarian response to deliver medical assistance quickly evolved into a broader reconceptualisation of humanitarian work in post-disaster settings.  Continue →