Control: Fighting it, losing it, finding it (February 21 at the Winchester, Auckland, NZ)

WATCH | Control: Fighting it, losing it, finding it

On February 21 Impolitikal hosted Control: a panel chat featuring Dominic Hoey (Tourettes), Damaris Coulter and Sarah, and hosted by Sonia Gray. Now, thanks to our buddy Bill Bycroft we have video and audio to share. Watch below as our guests talk about their personal experiences of anxiety and depression, addiction and physical illness. (Not as dark as it sounds).

Or, listen via Soundcloud.

Thanks again to Sonia for being an amazing host, and Damaris and Dom for sharing their time and stories. Thanks also to everyone else who pitched in on the day. It was so cool to bring Impolitikal off the internet for a minute.

That said, the internet is awesome. Please share this with buds who could use a hug, and check out the rest of the site for more stories, about lots of things.

Disclaimer: we’re not health professionals, but we know people who are. Contact if you need a hand finding support or medical assistance.