Ethan King, Charity Ball

Profile | Ethan King, & Charity Ball

Founded by a then 10 year-old Ethan King in 2010, Charity Ball gift soccer balls to children living in poverty.

Ethan started the non-profit after a visit to Mozambique with his dad. While his father helped rehabilitate water wells in Ntette, Ethan played soccer with some of the kids in the village, many of whom had never played with a real soccer ball before. When it came time to leave he gave his ball to them, and was so struck by their response that Charity Ball was born.

In short, supporters of the organisation can donate $25 to gift a soccer ball to a child in a developing country. The balls are hand-delivered by partner organisations in the locations they’re sent to, to avoid doubt over whether they make it to the kids.

In response to the question ‘Why invest in a soccer ball when there are so many other ways to help children?’ Charity Ball offer the following:

*Children in developing countries are forced to deal difficult things like HIV/AIDS, contaminated water and civil war. One way for them to cope is by playing the game of soccer.
*Soccer is an excellent way to learn how to work together and succeed. It promotes friendship and fair play.
*Soccer promotes good health through physical fitness.
*Soccer reduces crime because kids have something constructive to do.
*Many children in developing nations will never get the opportunity to touch or kick a real soccer ball.
*Soccer can help a child develop a strong identity and sense of self-worth.

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