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Yoani Sánchez: The day peace broke out, in Cuba

“Peace broke out!” the old teacher was heard to say, on the day that Barack Obama and Raúl Castro reported the reestablishment of relations between Cuba and the United States. The phrase captured the symbolism of a moment that had all the connotations of an armistice reached after a long war.  Continue →

Yoani Sánchez: Finally, Cubans can call home

She dialed the number and waited. Nothing, not a ring, not even a busy signal. She tried again and then got a woman’s voice telling her to wait on the line. After several minutes she realized it was a scam, but she’d already lost half the value of her prepaid card. Finally, she was able to connect, but her mother’s voice sounded as if she was speaking underwater and she was barely able to say she was fine and that she missed her. The line was cut and her call to Cuba ended. Continue →