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Hannah Spyksma: Funding the news – who’s doing it best?

We all want it, we all need it, but how many of us are willing to pay? She’s talking about journalism, of course. In this piece, Hannah pits The Guardian against the New York Times in the bid to find a sustainable way to finance quality news.

She also discusses with PressPatron founder Alex Clark why his New Zealand-based funding platform may offer a happy middle point between the approaches the two organisations represent, by offering a no strings attached approach to paying for journalism.


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Q&A | Angus Vail mourns the loss of the legendary band

Angus Vail had his start in the music industry in the 80s, as business manager for Australian legends INXS. Having picked up that same baton with KISS in 1995, he continues to lead the rock behemoths’ business office. Following on from last week’s interview about his new project, the Container Globe, here’s a bonus Q&A where Angus elaborates on his music background, and the many changes he’s seen the industry survive.

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