Tash Wong, Interaction Design Conference 2014, Amsterdam

WATCH | Tash Wong on using difference to connect

Tash Wong is a digital product designer and creator of Think Bigger, Make Better, a conversational framework designed to highlight the differences in the ways we use language and storytelling to communicate, and to help users better articulate their ideas and perspectives. She is also cofounder of Coastermatic, an online service that allows customers to print their Instagram photos on stone coasters.

In this talk, which she gave at the IxD14 design conference in Amsterdam in February, Tash looks at how understanding different modes of interacting with the world can provide us with a framework to uncover new ideas, better empathise with others and build stronger relationships, particularly in the workplace. Mucho food for thought in this – check it out!

For more on Tash visit www.tashwong.com, or follow her on Twitter.