Peace in 10000 Hands

Profile | Stu Robertson & Peace in 10000 Hands

Peace in 10000 Hands is the photographic passion project of Stu and Semele Robertson. Their aim? To photograph 10000 people from all nationalities and walks holding a single white rose, an age-old symbol of peace. 

Culminating in a global exhibition of the photographic works, which will be sold and the full proceeds donated directly to a range of charities, the hope is that Peace in 10000 Hands will facilitate ongoing, global conversation and action around making non-peace obsolete.

Stu has already photographed 1000 people for the project, from gypsies in Jodphur to Ricky Gervais. The project are also releasing limited edition photographs from each region they visit for exhibition and sale, once again gifting 100% of the profits to carefully chosen children’s charities from that area.

Hear Stu explain the project in more detail in the video below, or visit for more information, and to view some of the incredible photos that have already been taken.

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