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Hey! I’m Sarah.

It’s exciting to be able to host a platform for voices from around the world. Below you’ll find a mix of my essays and interviews for Impolitikal. For examples of my other writing work head to

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JULY 2017

27 | Stephen Gibbs: Music therapy taught me how to speak

23 | Leah Garcia-Purves: Cheffing shouldn’t be a straight white male’s domain

18 | Why I protest: Raymond Johansen

12 | The Qatar blockade explained, by Stian Overdahl

10 | David Hall on Fair Borders, & migration policy

07 | Victoria Hearn: Lifewise want to end youth homelessness in Auckland

JUNE 2017

21 | Nicki Roest: I almost died from Wilson’s disease

16 | Dmitry Bogatov: Jailed for a Kanye West video

14 | Kate Montgomery: Crohn’s took my bowel, but have you seen my abs?

MAY 2017

30 | Director Florian Habicht on his latest film, Spookers

25 | BIOSEC, exploring blurred lines between crime & conservation

23 | My experience of the Manchester attack

08 | Kingi Snelgar on spending time at Standing Rock, protesting the DAPL

APRIL 2017

27 | Travel New Zealand the right way, with Campable

20 | Ed Amann: The economic impact of a changed political climate in Brazil

MARCH 2017

28 | Sarah Schachner on soundtracking Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

21 | Max Harris on universal basic income, & The New Zealand Project

16 | Tom Goodfellow: Reconciling ethical dilemmas in development aid

09 | Ines Amri & the call to activism

05 | Top 6 podcasts right now


26 | Gani-Castro Ameh on living with a sickle cell blood disorder

20 | Suzie Dawson, the New Zealand journalist seeking asylum in Moscow

06 | I’m Syrian, & I’m so thankful to have asylum in the UK

05 | Preserving the dignity of anger

01 | Ahmad Matar: Learning parkour in Gaza made me feel free