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WATCH | Max Harris: A year of the New Zealand Project

It’s about a year since Sarah first interviewed Max for Impolitikal, right before his book The New Zealand Project came out. A lot’s happened since; here they discuss the critical response to the book, the surprising result of the 2017 NZ General Election, and the various other projects Max is working on right now.

Max is an author and academic from Aotearoa New Zealand, currently completing a PhD in Law at All Souls College in Oxford, UK. Purchase his book The New Zealand Project via Bridget Williams Books.

Sarah Illingworth is Editor at Impolitikal, and a Communications Manager with the Open University’s Learning and Teaching Innovation portfolio. She has an MSc in Poverty and Development from the University of Manchester. Read more by Sarah.

Oliver Chan: Why I’m taking on the Politics & Economics Editorship

My aim as Politics Editor for Impolitikal has been to strip away the pantomime theatrics of parliamentary debates, pundit panels and saviour worship and distill politics down to power and its distribution between parliaments, communities and interest groups, and how values built into powerful political and cultural institutions prioritise some voices and ideas over others.

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