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Oliver Chan renounces citizenship of Terryworld

While the downfalls of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey amplified the power the winning of Oscars or bringing Hollywood cred to the Old Vic has to intimidate, and even to coerce sexual favours, few could be said to have ‘loved’ these personalities. It is more challenging when allegations target our more endearing cultural and political icons. With Louis CK, George Takei and Al Franken among others now facing trial by media, we’re less filled with schadenfreude and more with a sense of dread, guilt and even some attempts at rationalising their guilt in the public domain. Perhaps we’ve learnt nothing, especially if no concrete changes occur as a result of these scandals.

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Evelyn Marsters: Champ of the Camp, & migrant labour

When I look at a city-scape, I don’t think about the architectural era of the buildings or grandiose design. My inquiry rests upon the question of “who built this place?” Or, more accurately, where did the slaves, vulnerable workers, migrant labourers, or indentured labour come from? My interest in migration accompanies me on all my travels – I’m always searching for clues left by migrant workers in the local cuisine, fashion, arts, and politics.

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