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Q&A | Luke Samuel on working with Acorn Manchester to protect tenants

Affordable, secure, quality housing is becoming further and further out of reach for many, particularly in urban areas. In the UK, this can be traced back to the ill-judged policy choices of the Thatcher years, and the ongoing prioritisation of commercial and corporate interests by subsequent administrations, over those of the broader public/s they’re supposed to serve.

Acorn is a tenancy union designed to counter this failure, by teaming with vulnerable tenants to ensure their rights are recognised and protected. Sarah caught up with Luke Samuel, one of the coordinators of the Manchester chapter, to find out more.

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Junefe Gilig Payot: Collaborating with Philippine Cities for affordable housing

Last month, I meticulously made Valentine’s Day plans but ended up scrapping them to go on a business trip to a city in the southern part of the Philippines, over 400 miles from the capital Manila – with my boss. Ah, the story of my life: official duty trumps personal happiness, again.

But I made the ‘sacrifice’ for a very good reason; we went to Dapitan City to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a partnership between the city government and our agency, the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC). The partnership is aimed at providing affordable housing to low-income families in the city.

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