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Q&A | Susanne Meures on capturing the Iranian underground in Raving Iran

Every now and then a story gets under your skin. When Susanne Meures first heard about underground techno raves taking place in the Iranian desert, she had no idea her interest would spark a five-year film project that would enable the international careers of DJs Anoosh Raki and Arash Shadram, a.k.a. Blade & Beard. She explains to Sarah how Raving Iran came to be, and describes the challenges of filming in an authoritarian state.

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Q&A | TNAF’s Aaron Short on winning a Green Card & moving to LA

The Naked and Famous are one of the biggest bands to break out of New Zealand and onto the international circuit in recent times, having cracked into stardom with their hit ‘Young Blood’ in 2010. Evelyn talks to keyboardist Aaron Short about his path to living in Los Angeles – from arriving on a P-1 artists visa after the band’s whirlwind first few years on the road, to ‘winning’ permanent residency via the so-called Green Card Lottery.

The interview considers the alternative paths available to migrants with particular skillsets, citizenship background and financial means, at a time that borders are becoming more restrictive globally, and the Trump administration has made it clear that reducing immigration is high on the political agenda in the US.

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