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Q&A | David Hall on Fair Borders, & migration policy

David Hall is a Senior Researcher at the Auckland University of Technology’s Policy Observatory. Though he primarily focusses on policy quandaries related to forest and land use, he also has a strong interest in migration, and commissioned and edited the recently published collection of essays Fair Borders: Migration Policy in the Twenty-First Century. Here David explains his motivations for producing the book to Sarah, along with some of the many complexities surrounding the issues of migration and immigration.

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Q&A | Walls at the wall: Moving matters traveling workshop goes to Berlin

Migration is a major issue globally, not just for those seeking asylum from conflict and its effects, but for many others who are mobile in pursuit of employment, love or education. The Moving Matters Traveling Workshop is an international project using art to explore themes of human mobility, and serial migration. Here, Helen Faller interviews the ensemble’s Artistic Director and Founder, University of California professor Susan Ossman, ahead of its upcoming inhabitation in Berlin. Continue →